Focusing on Empathy

In another series of studies through the last ten years when discussing and concluding what was missing or situations that could have changed or stopped a bullying experience, a common theme was prevalent. Each and every experience, as reviewed by the children and youth themselves, reveals that: if empathy and understanding were present and experienced, the situations would not have escalated to the degrees they did. The capacity to empathize and see another or a group as an individual was not present or supported enough to make a difference. Two constant themes and correlations that hold a great value in the approach and strategies in dealing with and reducing the epidemic of bullying. Canadians needs to build the respect for individuality and empathy into the lives of the children and youth of Canada. We need to truly understand the complexity of the issues that the youth face and the impact self-esteem has on their health and well being.

This is the time to start with awareness and instrumental change.

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