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It’s Cool to Be Yourself! / Unplug into you!

Ever stop and think about what it means in this world to just be yourself?
Why do we try so hard to just do what everyone else does? Cool there's good connections with that, but if you want to chill or just be your self then what. Its really hard sometimes to manage those ideas. Friends and all doing this and that and being part of the group. Pressures to connect, text and follow all the stuff everyone else is doing.
Are there some moments when you just need space? Or just want that one friend to connect with. Or no friend? No tech, no social media.
What am I if I am not in the group or with him/her and them?
All that following and tagging is a great deal of fun, but there are moments and times when we need to be alone. With all the stress and pace of all things, school, work and the socials or lack of, when is there me time?
I can relate, can you?
Sometimes we are flying and sometimes we are sinking.
However, taking the time out to to be alone and to rest, refocus and recharge can give you that extra energy that can make a difference in your day and your life experiences.
So what you missed that event or where they went. It's okay to not have the latest shoes or the best wheels.
You have your self. Focus and de- stress and get to know yourself better. Stop and take a good look at your life. What are some of the coolest things you like about yourself? Write it out. Then what are some of the uncool things about yourself or your life that you do not like. Write it out. At this point try to be creative. Take a step back, what is good and not so good about what you have been thinking about?
Step back and look at the bigger picture. Things blend in and flow better when you look at the intersection of good and not so good and see its relativity to life in general. All individuals can relate.
A little time away puts a natural little perspective and distance on things that sometimes are better addressed this way. There are so many demands and pressures to connect and to conform to what everyone else is doing and saying and wearing. What if in this space I told you the coolest thing you could do was to be yourself. To be your own individual. Look at the uniqueness of you.
Its great to feel confidant and good about yourself. Got to get this right! Be best friends with your self and all things will make more sense. How can I do this? Chill time is great, do your quiet time. Music or draw it out. Express yourself, draw a picture of you in the relevance of your life. How does it make you feel, what do you see?
Get rest if need be, start a better exercise routine, one you can commit to everyday. Volunteer and help someone. Do something different today. Express your self. Be yourself…its totally cool to be you!

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Thursday, 25 July 2024