Anatomy of a Bully: The Intersection and Vertical of a Bully

 The self-esteem research and development at Embrace Health Foundation has placed a lens on the behaviors exhibited in bullying and consistent themes and characteristics at the intersection of bullying and verticals of bullying presentations. The most prevalent theme is the desire to cause some form of response in the targeted individual or gr...

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It’s Cool to Be Yourself! / Unplug into you!

Ever stop and think about what it means in this world to just be yourself? Why do we try so hard to just do what everyone else does? Cool there's good connections with that, but if you want to chill or just be your self then what. Its really hard sometimes to manage those ideas. Friends and all doing this and that and being part of the group. Press...

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What constitutes a healthy self-esteem? Creative Ways to Support the Self-Esteem of Children and Youth


What constitutes a healthy self-esteem?  It is feeling level and well about oneself in a way that is realistic and encompasses positive responses. It is reflective to the whole self and all of the facets of self. Inclusive of roles and life experiences. An adaptive self-esteem can balance interpretation of stimuli and idealism and still feel s...

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Focusing on Empathy


 Focusing on Empathy In another series of studies through the last ten years when discussing and concluding what was missing or situations that could have changed or stopped a bullying experience, a common theme was prevalent. Each and every experience, as reviewed by the children and youth themselves, reveals that: if empathy and underst...

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Self Esteem

Nature - Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the complex process of one's belief and understanding of themselves. It involves a reflective look at one's own self-actualization or perceptions of oneself. These beliefs are formulated through time and experience and are often different from how others may see oneself. Self-esteem has many facets inclusive of self-actualization and...

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Taking the time out to enrich ones' own individuality is a life skill. One’s life is routine and conformed with daily experiences and tasks that are essential to one's daily roles. So much of one's life assimilates subliminal patterns and messages that things are needed to be a certain way to be right or accepted. Cell...

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