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Taking the time out to enrich ones' own individuality is a life skill. One’s life is routine and conformed with daily experiences and tasks that are essential to one's daily roles. So much of one's life assimilates subliminal patterns and messages that things are needed to be a certain way to be right or accepted. Cell phones and social media leverage thought and conformity, in so many different ways. Individuals may connect or express opinions as perceived norms or common responses based on a common expected response. Many of these common patterns become norms now in society because of extreme pressure to comply and the massive ways people can connect and influence each other. In perspective, the truth is there is less time to truly nurture your own individuality, and in many ways, there is less of a chance to express yourself. 

In the search for a more positive self-esteem, one must realize their own need to re-establish their individuality. Learning to place all things aside and be yourself is a life skill in adaptation, stress management and success. This can be achieved through personal identification at different stages of life. Reflecting on personal goals, taking the time out to realize who you are, and giving yourself permission to be uniquely yourself is essential in supporting your personal growth as an individual.  

Ensuring that children have daily opportunities to express themselves and their opinions is essential in the formation of their own individuality. Encouraging time alone without cell phones and connections to social media and engaging in other things like music or art are great routines to establish. Encouraging expressions and thoughts in young children allows them to feel their individuality. Dealing with events and experiences as they occur supports the development of an open relationship with your child. Hopefully little routines and big supports help nurture their own sense of individuality.

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